Waiters from several restaurants stormed down Columbia Street Saturday evening in honor of Bastille Day in Covington. The winner, Chris Reed, No. 1 at right, representing the Green Room, has won every year the race has been held. The winner is determined to be the first waiter to reach the finish with the most water still in the bottle and glass. The Eiffel Tower is a 1/45th scale model built by Marc Anderson with the help of his son Johnny. (Staff Photo by Debbie Glover)

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Pictured are the first scholarship recipients of the Chris Duhon Foundation. All five students are getting a $5,000 scholarship to the four-year college of their choice. Students must have completed at least their junior and senior years in the St. Tammany Parish Public schools and be going to a four-year college next to be eligible. A panel was brought in to decide the recipients. A dinner at Bayou Oaks Plantation in Slidell took place Saturday night to honor the winners. From left: Covington’s Brittany Bruhl, Fontainebleau’s Adam Beasley, Duhon, Salmen’s Mary Zar, Northshore’s Brad Hewitt and Slidell’s Michael Braud. (Staff Photo by Chris Kinkaid)

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Kids Talk
Thursday, July 15, 2010 6:10 PM CDT
Compiled by Suzanne Le Breton
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Underage drinking is no joke

Last week the Mandeville Police Department went on a campaign to stop underage drinking in their town. They sent in a 19-year-old person into selected stores that sell liquor. The young person then attempted to buy alcohol. If he was able to buy the liquor, the clerk who sold it to him was written a summons for selling alcohol to a minor.

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